Atollo© wins Red Dot Concept Design Award, 2015


Atollo is a set of 6 differently sized bowls that can be stacked together, as a space-saving storage solution. The shape of each border was designed to easily select the right size.

EASY TO PICK. You can choose the size you need directly from the cupboard, thanks to the shape of the border and the different colours that identify each capacity.

ALWAYS TIDY. They stack together so they’re always tidy!

6 SIZES FOR EVERY NEEDS. Atollo was designed for everyday use. Thanks to the wide capacity range you can always use the exact size you need. The bowls are perfect for kneading, beating eggs, whipping cream, as salad bowls or as  fruit baskets.

Red Dot 2015 Best of the Best winner.
Project assistant: Salvo Scordo

Produced by Pavonidea at the beginning of 2016



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