Serica, Medulum, 2019

Serica is a furniture line that springs from a reflection on the international character of the Venice lagoon area, as a tribute to the Republic of Venice mercantile tradition and to the flow of riches and cultures that have shaped the Venetian identity. Serica direct reference is to the ancient trunks that held all the traveler’s possessions:  often they were lined with fabric to better protect the contents. A modern reinterpretation in the form of furnishings for the living area (cabinet and sideboard), pieces that hide precious textile materials inside, in particular lampas, a noble Venetian fabric with oriental and ancient origins. Serica will be part of Medulum Flow show, during the Milan Design Week 2019, Via Brera 11, Palazzo Pisani Dossi.

Project assistant: Maria Puyal

Photo credits Matteo Lavazza Seranto

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