Veggie© wins Red Dot Concept Design Award, 2015

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Veggie is a hand-held spinner, ideal for washing and drying vegetables, herbs, fruits or legumes using centrifugal force. You just put the vegetables inside and wash them with water through the handle. After washing, twist out to drain.

HOW TO USE. You can start using Veggie by unplugging the handle so that the two parts rotate against each other.

Fill the middle with whatever it is you want to wash or dry. Close and lock the spinner.

Put Veggie in the sink, under the tap and let the water flow into the spinner through the handle. Spin to wash herbs or vegetables. When you’re done, hold the handle and twist out to drain.

Unplug and rotate Veggie to open it. You can then pour the washed and dried food directly on to the plate.

Veggie can also be used as a colander. The hole in the handle allows you to hang it up when you’re not using it.

Project Assistant: Salvo Scordo

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