industrial design studio
industrial design studio


I was born in Gattinara, but I am living in Milan; I graduated in Fashion Design & Management at Politecnico di Milano, course in collaboration with Bocconi University. After some experiences in fashion and design studios, I decided to start a design studio in Milan, and from 2012 I moved in Zona Tortona.

I’m following a personal path, with an approach closely linked to aspects of product industrialization. It is very important for me to understand in detail the production processes in order to exploit to its full potential the technology to which I have to relate and take advantage of. The key to product innovation is a technical but open-minded approach, that conveys the change through small details.

My work experience of recent years has seen me involved in a variety of different projects, always exciting regardless of the raw materials, where my goal has been to innovate without altering the nature: small, silent revolutions that have resulted in higher quality, better usability, lower production costs and simple aesthetics that allows the object to speak for itself.

Up until now I have specialized in food and household items. I am passionate about this field because the product is very linked to the user, to gestures and most of all to everyday habits. I think that an object that is used every day deserves meticulous attention during the design phase and implementation: a well-designed object can turn an ordinary day, awakening or even a moment into something special. On the contrary a poorly designed object creates problems, bad moods and becomes your enemy. Objects around us should be our friends, helping us with our day to day tasks. I like to think that in my own small way I can help people feel better.