Bamboo pendant light, Gantri

Bamboo is part of the new range of Pendant Lights by Gantri. San Francisco-based company, Gantri is releasing a collection of 13 pendant lights with an entirely new, easy-to-install mounting system, which the company hopes will solve all your light-hanging hang-ups that feature an easy-to-install system.

Drawing influence from the segmented structure of its namesake, Bamboo Pendant Light is a serene blend of simplicity and modern design. Its modular, minimalist silhouette gently cascades light, which echoes the natural flow of bamboo and creates a calming atmosphere. Available in three sizes, Bamboo’s designs seamlessly adapt to contemporary living—whether it's brightening a busy hallway, cozying up a bedside or serving as a centerpiece over a dining table. Bamboo’s organic form merges eco-conscious design with sophisticated grace, offering a tailored glow that enriches any space.

Bamboo pendant light
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