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industrial design studio

Lana Table

I tried to create an ideal kennel, which combines comfort with the needs of home life and the furnishing of small houses. The aspect taken into consideration is that often is hard to find a corner of the house for the kennel of our pet. Thinking about their needs, it should be in a quiet spot, without passage of people, away from doors and windows.

For this reason I thought of a very simple and hybrid solution, which combines their needs with ours. A coffee table that holds a basket, used either as a compartment for objects/ magazines or, with the pillow inside, as a bed for our pet. The coffee table can be easily placed next to the sofa, at the entrance or next to the bed as a bedside table. It is simple aesthetically and can find place in different environments of the house. 

Metal STRUCTURE / CUSHION covered in waterproof nylon fabric with contrasting stitching, removable / BASKET in regenerated leather with loops in the same material
to fasten the basket to the structure. The regenerated leather is a 100% ecological and eco-sustainable material. It comes from the processing of leather waste.